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Solutions for logistics

ifm is the right partner when it comes to improving performance, quality and safety, increasing speed and flexibility, reducing errors and ensuring real-time monitoring of equipment and processes in the transport of goods. In short: When you need a partner who is always “Close to you”!

Logistics means moving goods and persons. In many business sectors, logistics refers to how resources and products are handled and moved along the supply chain. Logistics means more and more speed, flexibility, efficiency, performance, safety, quality and monitoring. This is a growing need for both the companies stocking, distributing and transporting goods and for the manufacturing companies. It is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies that products and components are moved quickly and reliably before, during and after the production process.

One enormous and stable change observed in recent years is that the need for automation and digitalisation in the movement of goods is constantly increasing.

To support companies in reaching the targets mentioned above, ifm offers a wide range of products and solutions. Our company has been investing in classic and new technologies of the logistics industry for many years:

  • photoelectric, inductive, magnetic, ultrasonic, pressure and temperature sensors
  • controllers and displays
  • IO-Link masters and splitter boxes
  • bus systems AS-i
  • passive connection technology
  • RFID devices
  • encoders
  • 1D, 2D and 3D vision systems
  • vision sensors
  • inclination sensors
  • evaluation systems and power supplies
  • software
  • condition monitory through vibration technology
  • safety and measuring light grids

... all these products, solutions and technologies are at the disposal of our customers.

Further to this, our company has a unique, professional and passionate approach to the market (“Close to you”) that, together with the quality of our products, the performance of our manufacturing plants and our supply chain, the high effectiveness of our distribution organisation and the competence and commitment of our sales network, render us a worldwide partner with a high level of reliability.

Your advantages from our products and solutions

Our target is to create long-term partnerships with our customers and our suppliers, based on the mutual creation of value.

Thanks to our solutions consisting of hardware and software and thanks to the outstanding level of service our company and our people provide worldwide, our partners can:

Improve performances

Our products and solutions, which are frequently combined, aim to increase efficiency and performance in the movement of goods and reduce errors. Big benefits result from the added value of digital data communication via IO-Link. From the sensor to the IT level, we offer you all the components and solutions you need to keep your processes and the maintenance requirements of your system under control.

Increase the quality and level of service

Our products have a high level of quality, which is reflected in the 5-year warranty we have been providing since 1976. Their durability and their resistance are well known and are accompanied by a worldwide technical support and fast delivery performance which help customers to face any situation. We are close to you.

Reduce costs

Improving the performance and increasing the quality level of the components, solutions and processes used by our customers, as well as having a supplier who is always available for support, leads to increased efficiency and reduced costs for our customers.

Corporate Webinar: Smart Intralogistics Automation

Watch the webinar on demand

The webinar will introduce deeper into these technologies and proposals to increase the efficiency and quality of your intralogistic processes.