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Valve monitoring in a backwash system

Your advantages with digitized automation

Reduced installation effort. 
Detect maintenance requirements at an early stage thanks to continuous recording of valve movement times.
Exact detection of the valve position prevents the contamination of drinking water.

Lower Murray Water: Valve monitoring in a backwash system

To cover the supply of approximately 80,000 customers in an area of about 14,600 square kilometres reliably, the Australian water service provider Lower Murray Water treats raw water from the Murray River in nine plants to produce drinking water. During the process step of filtration, tiny suspended particles that have not already been removed from the water by flocculation, precipitation and sedimentation are filtered out. Since the filters become increasingly blocked as particles settle on them, they must be cleaned regular by means of backflushing. To ensure that the backflushing runs in a self-contained process and no dirty water gets into the drinkable water that has already been treated, Lower Murray Water monitors the valves with the Smart Valve Sensor MVQ101.

Valve monitoring in a backwash system