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Ultrasonic sensors – Object detection for long ranges and difficult surfaces

Ultrasonic sensors are based on the time-of-flight principle. The sensors calculate the time between sending and receiving a reflected sound signal. One advantage of this type of distance measurement is that the measurement result is unaffected by the material properties of the detected target. Even with shiny, coloured or textured surfaces or optically transparent objects, reliable detection is guaranteed.

Properties of ultrasonic sensors

Independent of colour
Reliable detection of coloured and even transparent objects.
Independent of material
Reliable detection, whether solid or liquid, shiny or matt.

Wide detection range
Enable reliable detection of even irregular targets such as mesh boxes.

Detection to the nearest millimetre
Continuous and precise output of the distance value.

Many benefits: Ultrasonic sensors from ifm

  • Housing designs for any application
  • Long ranges, small housing designs
  • Numerous setting options for individual adjustment via IO-Link
  • Version with digital and analogue output for point level measurement and distance detection
  • Stable signal output thanks to integrated temperature compensation

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