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  1. Ultrasonic sensors
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Small blind zone and ranges of up to 2.2m

ifm’s ultrasonic sensors in M18 design provide a particularly small blind zone and sensing ranges of up to 2.2 m which are usually only achieved by sensors of a considerably larger design. The sensors operate reliably even with heavy soiling and can be used in applications where photoelectric sensors reach their limits.

Key features:

  • Type M18 as diffuse reflection sensor or retro-reflective sensor
  • Very small blind zone
  • Ranges up to 2.2 m
  • The vibrating sound transducer reduces the deposit of dirt
  • Digital or analogue measured value output
  • Non-contact and continuous distance measurement

Added value thanks to IO-Link:

  • Easy parameter setting
  • Measured value transmission with millimetre precision
  • Diagnostic possibilities:
    e.g. operating hours counter and echo quality


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