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2D vision sensor Dualis

Object detection and inspection using one single device

Whether it is contour detection or BLOB analysis, the new 2D vision sensor Dualis can implement a variety of error proofing and inspection applications throughout the whole manufacturing process.With a higher resolution and many illumination functions, even complex applications are now remarkably easy to solve.

What advantages does the Dualis offer?

Real-time maintenance and fast replacement
Image sharpness, brightness and regions of interest (ROIs) monitoring as well as backup with the ifm memory stick
Adaptation to different lighting conditions
Creation of several images with different exposure times and polarisation filters
Easy operation with the "ifm Vision Assistant"
Intuitive menu navigation and fast parameter setting with application wizards ("wizards")
High integrability also in the automotive industry
Ethernet and ProfiNet interfaces as well as A- and L-coded connectors for flexible use
Minimising the installation complexity and stock levels
Contour and blob analysis in one device for flexible use
Improve product quality and reduce reject rate
Early detection of sources of failure and optimisation, thus ensuring correct and complete processing

Application examples

Object and contour detection

  • Checks objects based on defined contours
  • Ideal solution for applications where shapes are repeated
Pattern recognition Object position
Shape detection Number of objects
Orientation Sorting tasks

Object inspection and blob analysis

  • Analyses objects based on their surface area
  • Ideal solution for applications where shape and size vary

(With this functionality, the Dualis O2D5 replaces the old O2V design.)

Object area Object contrast
Object width / height Orientation
Inner / outer radius Object position
Roundness / rectangularity Number of objects
Number of holes Sorting tasks