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Robust full-metal sensors for harsh environments

Universal use
Reliability and versatility: Can be used for level measurement and object detection.
High resistance
Resistant to external factors thanks to its IP69K and high-grade stainless steel housing. Fit and forget.
By far the best
Non-contact detection of even challenging objects up to a range of 2.5 metres.
Constant process overview
Continuous distance measurement for maximum transparency and faster ability to act if necessary.

Even if there is no direct contact with the medium, aggressive vapours and fumes can severely affect the function and lifespan of a sensor. The sensor surface of standard units is unprotected and therefore susceptible to contact from media such as cleaning agents, coolants or lubricants. Full-metal ultrasonic sensors consist of a stainless steel housing and are thus protected from any influences. Even the connector is made of high-grade stainless steel. Thus, the sensor is resistant to external influences and benefits from an extended service life.

The sensor is completed by an IO-Link interface, which allows other parameter and diagnostic data to be conveniently set and read out in addition to the distance value.

Added value thanks to IO-Link:

  • Sound beam can be adjusted to the application
  • Easy parameter setting
  • Measured value transmission with millimetre precision
  • Diagnostic possibilities: e.g. operating hours counter and echo quality

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Ultrasonic full-metal sensors for level measurement

Cleaning challenges in food applications

  • Damage due to high pressure and steam cleaning
  • Cleaning agents can dissolve seals on the sensor
  • The connector area is a weak point

Advantages with ultrasonic full-metal sensors

  • Full-length high-grade stainless steel housing in IP 69K reliablyprotects against high-pressure and steam cleaning
  • Sensor head made of durable stainless steel is resistant toaggressive cleaning agents
  • Stainless steel plug resists any external influence

Challenges with chemicals, oils and gases

  • Damage due to weak points on the sensor e.g. pushbuttons
  • Swelling of the plastic seal due to the influence of oils –Chemicals can penetrate the unit and damage the electronics
  • Plug can be damaged by e.g. disinfectants

Advantages with ultrasonic full-metal sensors

  • The adjustability via IO-Link allows us to do without the “weak point pushbutton“
  • Stainless steel encased sensor head protects the unit against the ingress of chemicals, other liquids or vapours
  • Stainless steel plug resists any external influence

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