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IIoT controller – an all-purpose tool that leaves no wish unfulfilled

Are you looking for flexible digitalisation solutions for your systems and applications? Do you want to pre-process and aggregate plant information and sensor data and transmit it to the cloud? Are you looking for a solution that allows you to perform control tasks with precision? No problem - the ifm IIoT controller is the universal tool for all these tasks.

Why the IIoT controller?

The ultimate in function and convenience

Thanks to its multifunctionality as an IT gateway, visualisation system and powerful controller, the IIoT controller stands out as a powerful and flexible communication solution for the digitalisation of machines and systems.


The IIoT controller is a match for even the most demanding environment. A 1.3 GHz Quadcore processor works in the devices at ambient temperatures up to 60 °C for the Display variant and up to 55 °C for the control cabinet variant, at full performance level.


With the IIoT controller, data exchange with cloud or on-premise platforms is easier than ever. Moreover, access to I/O data via plug & work is also possible as various Ethernet-based protocols are supported.


The IIoT controller is freely programmable using CODESYS V 3.5 so that it can be individually adapted to your application. It can be used as a PLC, IIoT device and / or as a visualisation system. In the Display variant of the IIoT controllers, the contents of the display are also freely programmable.

Connection to different clouds

The IIoT controller allows for transmission of the recorded and prepared data to the most common cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and AnyViz. Furthermore, the IIoT controller speaks the common standard digitalisation languages such as OPC UA and MQTT. If data is to be recorded and processed in real time, inputs can be read and outputs controlled by using Industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP.

IO-Link Ready

The IIoT controller provides plug & work access to the input and output level via Ethernet, which makes all process values available as readable information with value and unit.

IIoT controller in practical application: Application overview

Normally the IIoT controller can be used wherever

  • data is to be recorded,
  • control tasks are performed,
  • data is to be sent to a cloud or an on-premise server or
  • a freely programmable visualisation system is needed.

All-in-one Security Various clouds
Flexible Perfect IO-Link integration Savings potential Robust housing

Cloud connector, visualisation and powerful controller in one device

Cyber security as an integral part of the device design

The IIoT controller supports AWS and Anyviz

Freely programmable via CODESYS V3.5

Plug & work access to the input and output level via Ethernet

All process values are available as readable information

All-in-one: Different device classes combined into one device

Variant with protection rating IP65 eliminates control cabinets

The die-cast aluminium housings withstand even the harshest of environments

Cyber security

The security functionalities of the IIoT devices are based on the requirements of BSI and IEC 62443-4-2. The ifm IIoT controller is a freely programmable and thus very flexible product with a high degree of connectivity. Despite the wide range of supported protocols, the user is always in full control for comprehensive cyber security.