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Bluetooth mesh system for easy retrofitting

Simple digitisation in the inventory

With the Bluetooth mesh system, you can easily evaluate sensor data from your existing system at the IT level. Use the information gained in this way to increase the efficiency of your system – with considerably reduced wiring complexity.

Up to 50 sensors in a mesh network

Starting from a base station, which is the interface for bidirectional communication with the IT level, up to 50 Bluetooth adapters communicate with each other in encrypted form.
Even data packets from the most remote sensors are securely transmitted wirelessly to the base station via the resulting mesh network, which can span the entire system. The adapters can be screwed directly onto the sensor and are supplied with power via the existing cable. Depending on local conditions, the mesh nodes can be up to 20 metres apart, making the system suitable for large installations.

The wireless path to Industry 4.0

Convenient network management

You can easily manage the mesh network using our moneo software or the free moneo blue smartphone app. Add new nodes, read out data or configure the sensors as required. You can find more about setting up and managing the mesh network and further details about the Bluetooth mesh system on our website.