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O2U5: two vision sensors in one

Versatile inspection options

The O2U5 provides the user with almost unlimited combination possibilities in 2D inspection. Surfaces and contours of objects can now be analysed simultaneously with QR or bar codes.
For example, the QR code can be used to check whether the component actually corresponds to the order, while at the same time the contour and surface analysis allows for performing the final quality control before installation.

Tailored integration, simple configuration

The variety of combinations now available to the user for quality assurance remains easily manageable thanks to the ifm Vision Assistant, with the user-friendly software being available free of charge.
It allows for setting of interface, exposure and other parameters of the O2U5. In addition, numerous application presets (wizards) provide powerful support for fast set-up. If the device needs to be replaced, the stored parameters can be quickly transferred to the new device thanks to the removable memory. For ideal integration into your application, you can select the suitable combination of illumination and lens.

Performance overview and field of view calculator

Benefit from more information online

A comprehensive overview of the performance range in contour and surface analysis as well as in code and character reading is available online where we also provide you with a field of view calculator to help you select the right lens.