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Always know where you stand: position feedback for ball valves

  • The ball valve’s type and position are directly visible in the plant
  • Direct visualisation thanks to the flexible position indicator for T-port, L-port, and Y-port directional flow valves
  • Free angular adjustment of the targets reduces type versions and stock-keeping
  • Universally applicable on drives according to VDI/VDE 3845

Flexible position feedback

The switching cams are mounted on ball valves for position feedback. Adjustable damping elements allow the pucks to be used in both standard and individual position feedback applications.

Position of the ball valve at a glance

The uniqueness of this puck is the adjustable position indicator on the top, which can be flexibly adapted to L-port and, via an additional indicator element, also to T-port and Y-port valves. This makes it possible to clearly visualise the position of the ball valve directly in the system.

Target pucks