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Dataflow Modeler – calculated values

With the “Data Flow Modeler” function, moneo offers logical operations and calculations for the “Calculated values”. They enable recalculation or further calculation of sensor data, which often cannot be used directly to its full extent. This allows generation of valuable process information.

An example are sensors that output analogue signals with 0...10 V or 4...20 mA. These voltage or current values are converted into the actual process value (e.g. temperature, pressure, level...) via the calculated values.

Using the graphical programming interface (Data Flow Modeler), corresponding “data flows” with mathematical functions, logics or counters can be easily created by software users with admin rights.

In the home screen of the moneo software there is a separate tile for “Calculated values”.

Editing calculated values

Administration rights are required for this step.

  1. Topology path
  2. List of previously created calculated values
  3. Inserting or creating calculated values

Setting of the processing parameters of the calculated value

  1. Name of the calculated value
  2. State of the calculated value
  3. Type of the calculated value
  4. Actions


The calculated value can be inserted into the topology path via drag & drop. If the value has already been inserted into the topology path, the symbol is not displayed.
Edit calculated value ➜ Data Flow Modeler opens.
Delete the calculated value permanently.
This action can be used to search for the respective calculated value within a topology path. The path only appears if the value has already been inserted into the topology.
Export the calculated value: The download window of the browser appears and the calculated value can be saved locally as a zip file.
Further information on the calculated value is displayed.

Creating and configuring a calculated value

  1. Topology path
  2. The function block “Untitled calculated value” is created automatically
  3. Function library with already existing functions, logics or counters for faster creation of a new value
  4. Saving or cancelling the Data Flow Modeler

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