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Mobile machines: Comprehensive solutions for the 4.0 age.

Mobile machines have specific requirements regarding automation and digitalisation. In the current edition of Impulse – the ifm magazine we talk to experts about why good hardware and software is not everything. We also venture a glimpse into the networked 4.0 future – and demonstrate how the advantages of this future can already be used today.


Topics of this edition

  • Overview: What are mobile machines and how does ifm meet their automation requirements? (0:00 – 6:38)
  • Expert talk: “Keeping complexity simple” – how ifm supports its customers holistically, how simple the software integration of new hardware can be and how mobile machines are transferred into the 4.0 age. (6:39 – 25:00)
  • Live demo: The future as part of the present: How the ifm inspector enables the remote maintenance of mobile machines. (25:01 – 30:27)


  •  Host

Philipp Erbe is the host of the ifm magazine Impulse.

As an editor in the company’s product communication, he has in-depth knowledge of ifm’s hardware and software products as well as customer demands on automation and digitalisation solutions.


  • Guests

Dietmar Brüss is responsible for the product area control systems for mobile machines in the ifm group of companies. Through his many years of experience in product management, he knows the special requirements of the industry and the needs of the customers like no other. He coordinates developments and international launches of new products and, together with his team, works daily to provide custom-fit industry-specific solutions for a wide range of mobile applications.


Florian König looks back on more than 10 years of experience in the automation industry. After starting in the packaging industry with a focus on motion control and fast real-time communication, the focus of his academic career was on Industrial IoT and machine-to-machine integration in control systems. He has been part of the ifm mobile machines team since 2018 and is currently product manager for robust HMIs. He knows the special requirements for displays and machine interfaces used in mobile machines and uses this knowledge to offer tailor-made display solutions to customers.


Gerrit de Waard is the product manager responsible for connectivity of products in the area of mobile machines. With the mobileIoT platform, he and his team are building one of the most innovative cloud-based solutions for machine management.


Georg Engelmann

For more than four and a half years, Georg Engelmann has been working with agricultural machines (with a focus on ISOBUS). He started in academia (laboratory for mobile machinery, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences), then transitioned to industry (forsys GmbH, ifm system integrator). Since 2020, he has been part of ifm, where he is expanding the area of agricultural machines within the company. Besides, he supports Dietmar Brüss as an assistant in product management for mobile control systems.


Tim Conklin helps companies implement advanced functionality on heavy equipment. With 10 years’ experience in with these technologies, he has worked in the mining, construction, agricultural and transportation industries, dealing with a wide variety of use cases.

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