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Water: Digitalisation solutions for industrial treatment

Along the water cycle, many different participants extract the precious resource - and place different requirements on its quality and purity. In the current episode of Impulse - the ifm magazine we focus on industrial water treatment. How exactly is ultrapure water produced? And how can digitalisation contribute to more efficient processes and quality assurance here? Get answers to these and other questions in this episode.


Topics of this edition

  • Overview: the water cycle as a whole (0:00-4:56)
  • Case study: EnviroFALK relies on the latest ifm solutions for industrial water treatment (4:57-7:53)
  • Customer interview: the benefits of digitalisation for EnviroFALK and their customers (7:54-22:04)
  • A practical example: how the interaction of intelligent sensor technology ensures plant efficiency (22:05-32:42)


  •  Host

Philipp Erbe is the host of the ifm magazine Impulse.

As an editor in the company’s product communication, he has in-depth knowledge of ifm’s hardware and software products as well as customer demands on automation and digitalisation solutions.


  • Guests

With over five years of experience at ifm and into her new Role as Global Business Development Manager, Sophie Dubbick leads the firm's critical strategic initiatives and development in Water Industry. As the department head, she is responsible for the industry's growth while working functionally along with the Global sales organization. With previous experiences working in restructuring and turnaround management at a global consultancy firm, she is highly motivated and passionate about finding solutions to better our planet's future.


Christian Ritz has been working for ifm as a Field Technical Sales Engineer in Germany since 2020. Thanks to his many years of international experience in the electrotechnical planning and set-up of processing plants, he applies his expertise in particular with regard to process sensors and condition monitoring of machines and provides support for questions relating to this topic.


At the beginning of his professional career, Sandro Bauer completed the training as an electronics technician for devices and systems and was able to gain experience in the field of pressure sensor technology. Since graduating as an electrical engineer, he has worked as sales engineer at ifm with a focus on the Black Forest region in southern Germany. As of January 2021, he has been part of the Product Sales Management team and focuses on the product launch of new products in the areas of process, diagnostic and analytical sensor technology.


Daniel Pfeil

As head of the EMSR department (Electrical, measurement and control technology), Daniel Pfeil has been with EnviroFALK for over 15 years and coordinates technical project requirements. In his area, he always keeps an eye on trends and market movements that arise.


Maximilian Meurer

EnviroFALK not only counts on Maximilian Meurer for the technical development of new projects, he has also been applying his expert knowledge to the standardisation of EMSR solutions for several years.

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