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  • Intelligent universal data interface for controllers, sensors, machines, plants and systems
  • Bidirectional data exchange
  • Flexible data transfer
  • Independent of machine type and machine control
  • Communication interfaces and tasks can be configured by the user



The systems available in the field and on the market today support a large variety of interfaces which can provide relevant data and information from production.

To digitise the many different systems and processes efficiently on the basis of the sensors already in use, an intelligent, flexible and easy-to-use software is an indispensable prerequisite. This is the only way to achieve comprehensive sensor communication and a disruption-free data transfer for information acquisition.

With its LR AGENT, ifm offers a universal interface software for the configuration of data flows across a variety of common communication protocols. This opens up access to different devices and systems such as sensors, fieldbuses, controllers and gateways in a simple and safe way.