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Fault in the valve?

Valve monitoring in a new dimension
The smart valve sensor

The valve, the black box of production

In process technology, valves are an integral part of production technology. Different types of valves control the flow of different substances and ensure operation and maintenance. Quality assurance in production depends on trouble-free operation of the valves.

When wear occurs, it is often too late

It is difficult to monitor the condition of seals and flaps on the inside.Often wear and damage are detected far too late, when quality and performance are already impaired.
This leads to long repair times during which the plant is down.However, if seals etc. are replaced at fixed maintenance intervals, this affects the value added of your plant.

Increase equipment effectiveness with ifm

With a focus on increasing the overall equipment effectiveness, many companies have implemented measures to avoid unplanned failures. If possible, cyclic maintenance is replaced by condition-based maintenance. ifm has been offering different automation solutions for this modern and efficient type of maintenance for many years.

Full insight to what is happening inside the valve

To detect critical situations in your valve in good time, ifm has developed the smart valve sensor. It identifies different wear conditions. Early diagnosis of leakage and deposits on the valve is a prerequisite for preventive action.

ifm offers a complete solution for your plant

The smart valve sensor allows flexible configuration and can be easily integrated into your plant's existing infrastructure. The complete package does not only comprise suitable mounting and wiring technology, it also includes connection to the field bus.

The highlights of the smart valve sensor at a glance

  • Great all-round position visibility from a distance
  • Continuous position feedback to the nearest degree
  • Diagnostic functions such as cycle time and count
  • Changes of the closed position, which can point to deposits or wear of the seal, are signalled.
  • Flexible parameter setting via teach button or IO-Link

Status LEDs clearly visible from all sides

Indication of blockages

Reliable detection of deposits, seal damages and wear

moneo configure: the parameter setting software

The app for parameter setting and management of IO-Link devices and ifm IO-Link masters. Integrated, manufacturer-independent IODD management for time-saving sensor parameter setting. Cockpit for parallel display of parameters and process values.

Connection of the smart valve sensor to the fieldbus

Example of an article list for the connection to PROFINET IO

Most field devices can be connected to a fieldbus. This also applies to the smart valve sensor. The device data is transmitted to the masters via IO-Link. Different master versions allow connection to EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET IO or TCP/IP.

Smart valve sensor and AS-i

Example of an article list for the connection to AS-i

In the food industry, valve manifolds are often automated by means of AS-i. With the IO-Link masters for AS-i, the smart valve sensor can easily be integrated into the existing AS-i network. Up to 4 IO-Link devices can be connected to the versions for standard applications (with IP67) and for the food industry (with IP69K).

Integration to the controller via ifm startup packages

Available as free download:

- Example programs and program blocks (Step7, TIA, RS Logix) - Read and write process data - Connection to PROFINET, Ethernet and EtherCAT - Device description files for PLC setup (GSDML, ESI, EDS) - Operating instructions