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Cylinder sensors

At high pressure or in the smallest installation spaces

Cylinder sensors are used wherever pistons convert the force of air pressure or oil into movement. They determine the end positions of the cylinder piston. This helps to automate the next process step after the cylinder and thus optimise the motion sequences of plants or mobile machines.

Properties of cylinder sensors

Self-locking fixture for quick mounting and easy adjustment

Easy fit 'drop from the top' into a slot

Suitable for the most commonly used C- and T-slots.

Versions with connector or connection cable

Wide range of adapters

Cylinder sensors for pneumatic cylinders

Cylinder sensors are used for position detection of pistons on pneumatic cylinders. They are directly mounted onto the cylinder. The ring magnet attached to the piston is detected through the housing wall of non-magnetisable material (e.g. aluminium, brass or stainless steel). They can be mounted directly on T-slot and C-slot cylinders and also on clean line, tie rod, profile tube or trapezoidal slot cylinders using an adaptation.

Cylinder sensors for hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are often used in mobile machines or in forming technology. The linear movement is controlled by pressurised oil. A connected hydraulic valve controls the direction of flow of the oil and, thus, the direction of movement of the cylinder piston. The high pressures in this system of up to 500 bar enable the movement of even heavy masses.