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  1. Introduction to moneo
  2. moneo | care

Software maintenance and services

moneo | care is a software maintenance and service contract.

A moneo | care contract covers the supply of software updates and software upgrades to the latest version. This includes functional extensions of the software and security patches for the licensed modules (i.g. OS, RTM, Edge-Connect).

In addition, worldwide technical support (installation support, troubleshooting, etc.) with guaranteed response times can be obtained at no additional cost.

moneo | care means sustainable and comprehensive investment security for your moneo IIoT solution. The operation and use of moneo software products is guaranteed in the most up-to-date version, without disruptions and in a resource-saving manner. And if something does not work as expected, we are at your side with our qualified technical support worldwide.


Why moneo | care?

  • You get access to the latest functions and features of the licensed moneo modules.
  • You benefit from continuous enhancements of the connectivity and integration functionalities of moneo.
  • You will be actively informed about the latest security updates.
  • You receive dedicated technical support and remote services for moneo software and systems (by phone, email and remote maintenance).
  • moneo | care for moneo | appliance hardware includes an extended warranty period for the appliance hardware for the duration of an active moneo | care service contract.

The moneo | care service contract

The good news is: moneo | care is already included in the license price for the period until the end of the following calendar year after purchase.

After the inclusive period has expired, you will automatically receive an offer for a follow-up contract for a further 12 months. Before the end of the 12-month period, you will receive a notification and can decide whether you want to continue to benefit from the advantages of a moneo | care contract. A 15% charge will be applied to your total moneo system build out.

Just like moneo, moneo | care grows with your requirements: If you decide to expand your moneo installation by adding more modules or more information points, the product expansions will be taken into account in the next offer for moneo | care. A 15% charge will be applied to your total moneo system build out.

moneo | care supports you in keeping your moneo solution comprehensively up-to-date and in operating moneo in a stable and secure manner.

moneo | care services

  • Information service for new program versions according to availability.
  • Access to the latest features and functions.
  • Dedicated support (by telephone, by email via remote maintenance) with guaranteed response times at no additional cost:
Priority Definition Response time*
High The disruption has a significant impact on business operations and processes or business operations cannot be carried out. The disruption requires immediate action as the disruption may result in significant losses or disrupt the entire business operation. 4 hours
Medium Due to the malfunction, a business process does not work as intended. The malfunction has little effect on business operations. 8 hours
Low The disruption has little or no impact on business operations. 24 hours

*Within the current service times which can be found here.