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We are convinced that employees represent the biggest asset of any company

Gerd Marhofer and Robert Buck founded ifm electronic and introduced the first electronic inductive sensors into the marketplace in 1969.

Through their journey, it became clear to our Founding Fathers that success is reached when employees and management work “as one” for the benefit of the company. 

Dedicated to ensuring safe growth in the future, the ifm Founders wrote “ifm Vision Philosophy and Principles”. 

This book expresses their vision as technical advancements are likely to evolve in the future, the “fantastic possibilities for development” that will be uncovered, and the opportunities this progress will create for all ifm employees.

The philosophy summarizes basic guidelines with respect to each corporate principle, i.e. the employees, our customers, and our products. 

This Book is presented to each ifm employee. These are the principles that define our culture today and that will guide us into the future - as we continue to uphold our Mission.

Our Mission: We contribute to our customers' success by providing innovative solutions through continuous development of our people, products and processes.

Our Values: 

Integrity - We mean what we say and we act accordingly.

Quality - We strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

Teamwork - We help each other and the company to reach full potential.

Innovation - We apply practical innovation to simplify processes and technology.

Safe Growth - We build lasting and mutually profitable relationships.