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Full protection for your fans

Peace of mind: monitoring and condition-based maintenance of fans

Continuous diagnostics:
Full coverage of the real operating hours.

Early diagnostics:
Monitoring of imbalance, wear and overall vibration.

Maximum efficiency:
Permanent diagnostics of dirt accumulation e.g. on rotor blades.

Easy integration:
ifm provides individual solutions which are suited for different types of fans.

ifm application package – Applications
Radial fans with direct or belt transmission as well as axial fans, as used in:

  • dust extraction systems
  • fresh and exhaust air in paint shops
  • workshop ventilation
  • air-conditioning systems
  • external ventilation of motors
  • mining
  • extraction systems in foundries
  • oil mist suction on machine tools
  • air supply for thermal power stations / waste incineration plants

Reduce costs
Condition-based maintenance when required instead of fixed service intervals. Replacement of parts can be planned.

Prevent unplanned downtime
Detect damage to rotor blades, wheel / rotor imbalance vibration, shaft misalignment, damage to rolling element bearings, imbalance and wear in good time.

Process optimization
Data acquisition and analysis.
Cleaning the fan blades when required.

Implementation independent of your IT department
Application package from the sensor to evaluation and network-based analysis. Scalable: Can be extended to other applications and / or ERP systems.