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OGD Precision sensor detects errors before it's too late

Challenges Experience ifm!
Production defects often go undetected till the end of a manufacturing process, wasting time and money The OGD precision sensor catches errors immediately during a process, allowing for corrections to be made on the fly to reduce loses.
Traditional error-proofing solutions, such as vision systems or 2D devices are accurate, but integration is complex and price points are high. "Time of flight" core principle ensures consistent measurement in quality control tasks. Setup takes less than five minutes. Also, precision sensors offer the right balance of performance and price for error-proofing, so the OGD can be used throughout the entire process run!


  • Robust housing and compact profile allow the sensor to be placed almost anywhere
  • Time-of-flight measurement with laser technology provides reliable and consistent sensing for precision performance
  • Two-color digital display indicates the distance set (cm, mm or inches)
  • Simple setup. Manually toggle the setpoint distance up or down and save. That’s it! Or set the distance with IO-Link, ifm’s digital transmission interface (key to Smart Factory)
  • Can be used on reflective surfaces and all colors; 22…300 mm sensing range