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Maximize Efficiency with Supply Network Optimization


Streamline operations, seize opportunities

In response to the challenges posed by excess inventory accumulation amid supply chain disruptions, Supply Network Optimization offers a comprehensive solution designed to streamline inventory management within SAP environments.

Many organizations struggle with the complexities of managing excess inventory, which can lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities. Supply Network Optimization is designed to tackle these challenges head-on by pinpointing areas of surplus stock across the organization and recommending internal inventory transfers.

This not only reduces unnecessary spending but also optimizes resource allocation and enhances financial agility. With Supply Network Optimization, organizations gain unprecedented visibility and control over their inventory, leading to streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and better decisionmaking.

What is Supply Network Optimization?

Supply Network Optimization is the latest inventory management innovation within ifm's Procurement solution. It streamlines inventory oversight across the entirety of a company’s supply network, ensuring optimal resource allocation and inventory control.


How does Supply Network Optimization work?

Supply Network Optimization analyzes inventory data to identify areas of surplus stock across the entire organization. It then alerts buyers to inventory available for internal transfer before resorting to external procurement. This enables organizations to make strategic decisions that optimize resources and minimize unnecessary spending.


What will Supply Network Optimization change?

Supply Network Optimization will change how organizations manage their inventory by:

  • Boosting cost savings by eliminating unnecessary inventory purchases. Improving inventory turnover by freeing up capital tied in stagnant stock, enhancing financial agility.
  • Elevating service levels through consistent stock availability and minimized backorders.
  • Improving operational excellence by simplifying procurement decisions and optimizing inventory management processes.
  • Providing procurement teams with actionable insights to inform strategic choices and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

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