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IO-Link hubs

  • For the simple connection of binary sensors to any IO-Link master
  • Uses industry standard M12 unshielded patchcords
  • Clearly visible LEDs for displaying operation, switching status and error
  • Robust design with full potting for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Robust M12 connectors for connecting sensors and actuators

Input modules for IO-Link devices

Up to eight conventional sensors with switching outputs can be connected to the field modules with IO-Link. The signals are transmitted to any desired IO-Link master / PLC via one unscreened M12 connection cable. This considerably reduces wiring complexity since conventional parallel wiring of each sensor or actuator to the controller is no longer necessary. It also saves the user a great number of terminals, splitter boxes, input/output cards and cable lines. As opposed to bus systems IO-Link does not require any configuration or addressing. This simplifies the set-up. Excellent electromagnetic stability, a wide temperature range, a high protection rating and a robust housing qualify the device for use in harsh industrial environments.