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Fail-safe inductive sensors

  • Certification to EN 60947-5-3 for electromechanical controlgear
  • Ensuring operator and machine safety
  • No special actuator for electronic fail-safe sensors required
  • Connection to safety plc or safe AS-i module
  • Series connection of sensors and contacts possible

Fail-safe inductive sensors

Safety technology in automation has a share of the responsibility for safe human-machine interaction. Fail-safe sensors with safety functions are an important part of a safety system for persons and machines. The operating principle and thus the advantages of inductive sensors can also be used for safety applications. Direct detection of metal solves many applications. Magnetic or mechanical counterparts do not have to be considered in the design. A wear-free function due to the non-contact principle and a high protection rating guarantee high uptime of the machines and installations.

No special demands such as shielding, twisted cables or laying separately, are made on the socket. The sensor is directly connected to existing PLCs or logic modules using common existing unshielded 4-pole cables. The input and output signals of the sensors correspond to DIN EN 61131-2. They are therefore fully compatible with the inputs and outputs of a PLC. Connection to ifm evaluation relays, AS-i Safety at Work, PROFIsafe, Interbus Safety bus systems or safe PLCs and logic modules is equally simple. For the unit family with dynamic pulse detection the corresponding software modules are required. The fail-safe sensors with 2 x PNP output can be connected to approved two-channel safety relays without cross-monitoring that are suitable for plus-switching non-contact guards. The evaluation units from ifm electronic enable functionalities such as muting or connection of e-stop devices to DIN EN 60947-5-1 without extra cost.

A magnet or coded target is not necessary for the function of the fail-safe sensor. The fail-safe inductive sensor detects metals and operates with an enable zone which is monitored for target position and dwell time.