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The new generation: the compact 4.3" ecomatDisplay

16 million colours, a high-resolution display with optical bonding and a powerful processor, all packed into a compact, robust housing: This is the new 4.3" ecomatDisplay. The HMI not only offers a brilliant image quality, but also impresses with its brightness and wide viewing angle. This ensures that the machine operator can easily see the displayed contents from almost any position. Programming with CODESYS 3.5 provides the user with all important features such as trend, trace, alarm manager, user manager and web visualisation. The Linux-based operating system also enables customisation, such as individualised visualisation with QT.

Like all robust HMIs of the ecomatDisplay family, the 4.3-inch version is perfectly equipped for use in harsh environments. Permanent vibrations, water or dust cannot harm it. Besides, the display features the increased EMC resistance for which ifm is renowned and has E1 type approval, so that nothing prevents its use in road traffic.
In short: The 4.3" ecomatDisplay sets new standards in the field of compact, robust HMIs!

The 4.3" ecomatDisplay in detail

Product advantages

16 million colours, 1,000 cd/m² in brightness and a high-resolution display with optical bonding ensure optimum readability even in strong sunlight.
Heat, cold, water, ice, dust or vibrations cannot harm the 4.3" ecomatDisplay. With its robust housing made of die-cast aluminium, glass-fibre reinforced plastic and thermally hardened glass, the compact HMI masters every challenge.
A powerful dual-core 1.4 GHz processor, 4 GB memory and 1GB DDR4 RAM leave nothing to be desired.
Whether Modbus, CAN, CANopen, J1939, Ethernet protocols TCP/UDP, network variables via Ethernet or USB: The ecomatDisplay overcomes any communication barrier.
With a low energy consumption of only 5 (Ethernet variant) to 8 watts (USB variant), the compact ecomatDisplay is ideally equipped for the future.

System overview

High-performance communication technology at the heart of the mobile machine

With a powerful dual-core 1.4 GHz processor and low energy consumption of only 5 to 8 watts, the 4.3" ecomatDisplay is ideally equipped for the future. However, it is not only powerful, but also has real communication skills. Whether Modbus server/client, CAN, CANopen, J1939, Ethernet protocols TCP/UDP, network variables via Ethernet or USB (optional): The ecomatDisplay always offers the right way and the right language to communicate with the mobile machine.

The 4.3" ecomatDisplay is also unbeatable in terms of operability- a version with RGB keypad (16 million colours) and a version with capacitive touchscreen (release 2024) leave nothing to be desired.

4.3" ecomatDisplay application examples

Does not need to shy away from any technical comparison: the 4.3" ecomatDisplay

4.3" ecomatDisplay

Typical small, robust HMI
Controller / PLC
Processor ARM dual core, 64 bits, 1.4 GHz CPU ARM single core 400 MHz
Memory and RAM 4 GB, 1 GB DDR4 8 MB, 288 KB SDRAM
Ethernet communication protocol TCP/IP, UDP, Modbus TCP server and client, Ethernet/IP
CAN communication protocol CAN, CANopen, J1939 CAN, J1939
Built-in ports 1 CAN, 1 Ethernet or 1 USB port CAN only
Possibility to connect an Ethernet adapter to the USB port
(additional costs)
Installation External I/O modules for field installation I/Os are part of the display installed in the cockpit
Type of I/O CANopen technology Analogue or binary I/O
Number of I/Os 16 configurable inputs, 16 configurable outputs or mixed modules 4 configurable inputs, 3 configurable digital outputs
Sensor diagnostics and remote parameter adjustment
Installation M12 plug-and-play, no wiring harness, time-saving Large number of pins, labour-intensive, complex troubleshooting
HMI display
Size and resolution 4.3", 800 x 480 resolution 3.5", 320 x 240 resolution
Colours 24 bits, 16 million colours 18 bits, only 264k colours
Touch version Yes, PCAP with glove and water mode
Brightness 1000 cd/m² 400 cd/m²
Backlight brightness control 0 - 100 %, freely programmable Static full brightness
Display rotation Mounted / rotated in 90° steps
RGB background colours 24 bits, 16 million colours, freely programmable Static only 1 colour
Navigation keys Cursor function (up, down, left, right, enter) with tactile feedback 5 function keys
Retain variables 8 kB
RTC clock Yes, battery buffered up to 15 years
Programming software CODESYS 3.5 or QT CODESYS 3.5
Multi-language support and recipe/batch management
Trending and alarming
User management with password protection
Web visualisation
Set-up menu Set-up and recovery menu on the device Via separate PC software tool
Mechanical properties
Power consumption 5 - 8 W 12 W
Protection rating and mounting IP65 / IP67,RAM or panel mounting IP67,panel mounting
Housing and front glass Die-cast aluminium front, glass-fibre reinforced plastic back panel, thermally hardened glass Plastic

Flexible thanks to embedded Linux

  • Codesys 3.5
    • Predefined and simple libraries
    • Ready-made template projects save time
  • Plug and work
    Simple and fast data exchange using standard PC programs such as Putty and WinSCP (e.g. of log files)
  • Adaptability through firmware update
    Function extension and customisation possible, e.g. by using QT or CODESYS on the same hardware
  • Communicative
    Modbus server/client, CAN, CANopen, J1939, Ethernet protocols TCP/UDP, EthernetIP, OPC UA, network variables via Ethernet or USB interface (optional)