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PI pressure sensor for hygienic applications

Tried and tested product improved: PI pressure sensor now with optimized resolution

For years the ifm pressure sensors of the PI series have proven their worth in the food and beverage industry. But even what is successful can be improved. Pressure changes can now be visualised via IO-Link in high resolution with approximately 20,000 steps. This is an enormous benefit, especially for hydrostatic level measurement with head pressure: In such applications, the sensor must be designed for a larger measuring range in order to withstand the additional head pressure. With conventional sensors, a larger measuring range reduces the resolution of the pressure detection – this problem no longer exists with the PI.

Another advantage: The sensor also detects the medium temperature and transmits it via IO-Link. This means that it is no longer necessary to set up an additional temperature measuring point.

Product advantages

What are the advantages of the new PI pressure sensor?

Ceramic measuring cell
The sensor has a high-purity ceramic measuring cell. This offers high resistance and long-term stability, even with frequent pressure peaks or overload. In addition, the ceramic is resistant to abrasive media.
Optimised ventilation
The ventilation has been optimised compared to the previous sensors of the PI series. Moisture thus runs reliably off the Goretex membrane if the sensor is mounted with the display facing upwards or downwards.
Flush measuring cell
The measuring cell, which is flush with the process, gives deposits no chance. Only food-grade and maintenance-free materials come into contact with the medium.
High temperature resistance and measurement
Being permanently resistant to medium temperatures of up to 150°C, the sensor can also measure these and output them cyclically via IO-Link.
Thanks to protection class IP69K, the sensor not only permanently withstands harsh environments, but also meets all the requirements of the food industry.

Typical applications

The pressure sensors of the new PI1xxx series are ideally suited for pressure measurement in tanks and pipes in food production – for example in dairies, breweries and many other applications where liquids are used.

Precise level monitoring in tanks



Harsh environments: spray ball cleaning

Added value thanks to IO-Link

32-bit IO-Link resolution
The new PI with 32-bit resolution and approx. 20,000 steps offers a detailed display even across wide measuring ranges.
Loss-free data transmission
IO-Link enables loss-free data transmission, as conversion losses are excluded via digital communication and external influences, such as magnetic fields, have no effect on data transmission. Diagnostic data is also provided via IO-Link.
Transparent processes
The current pressure is output precisely with the highest possible resolution via IO-Link. This makes it easy to keep an eye on your process at all times. In addition, the medium temperature is output cyclically via IO-Link.
Easy set-up
The pressure sensor can be configured quickly and easily via IO-Link.
This is supported by a simulation function, among other things.

Improved technology

Higher resolution, revised design

The new pressure sensors, which are available with different measuring ranges from vacuum to 100 bar, communicate via IO-Link 1.1 and offer a resolution of about 20,000 steps. This is especially important for applications where differential pressures are measured and thus only a small part of the measuring range can be used. Temperature compensation has also been improved in the new series.

Even seemingly small improvements to the design of a sensor can have a big impact in the application. For example, the vent hole on the new pressure sensor has been offset by 90° and is now located on the side when mounted conventionally. This prevents condensate, for example, from collecting on the membrane of the vent hole and causing soiling or impairing the function. The PI has also been optimised in terms of user-friendliness: The new operating concept with three pushbuttons makes parameter setting much more convenient and thus also faster.