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ifm IIoT devices – connecting element between digitalised production and the IT level

IIoT devices are network components located at the “edge” of the network topology. They are therefore also referred to as edge devices. From an IT infrastructure perspective, they are the access points to automation networks known as Operational Technology networks, also called OT networks.

The aim of IIoT devices is to exchange data between the various communicating IT and OT networks while at the same time avoiding mutual interference. IIoT devices are used primarily to make data and information from the automation environment, i.e. from sensors, PLCs and other automation components, available in the IT environment.

ifm IIoT devices also perform several other important tasks, such as data pre-processing, reducing data volumes and analysing data streams.

The IIoT controller

The IIoT controller combines convenient connection of the system infrastructure to the IT level with the universal nature of a freely programmable PLC. This means: This device class provides your IT infrastructure with IO-Link data as readable value and unit information. Moreover, this device class offers all the freedom you need to integrate the IIoT controller with precision into your system. You alone decide whether the device in your application will function as a cloud connector, a visualisation system or a control system.