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3D object recognition

Greater efficiency in industrial automation.

With the innovative 3D sensors and 3D cameras, ifm has developed a new generation to increase efficiency in industrial automation.

Three-dimensional detection and evaluation

Giving sight to robots

3D vision sensor for plug and play integration into gripper applications from Universal Robots

The perfect combination of powerful hardware and easy-to-use software makes it possible to easily implement vision sensors in gripper applications from Universal Robots. The core element of the ifm vision sensor is a 3D camera chip. It creates a 3D image using PMD technology and time of flight measurement. The UR+ plugin ensures smooth and quick integration of the sensor. It detects any object, even moving ones, and transmits its exact position and dimensions to the robot control. Never before was gripper navigation so easy! ifm – close to you!

Pallet Detection System (PDS)

The pallet detection system PDS is a software solution for faster, fully automatic detection of all standard pallet types with two pockets in six degrees of freedom. In combination with the O3D3xx hardware, pallet position detection is extremely fast without accuracy being impaired.

Great flexibility in many applications

Packaging industry

Incomplete shipments, never again!

In the packaging industry, automation must be particularly flexible. A great number of different products, outer packaging and packing units is produced and must reach the customer without any damage or missing parts. Using many individual sensors is often a reliable solution, but replacing a product or a unit often takes a lot of time and can be a source of errors. Using only one sensor that handles many tasks at once makes a lot more sense. The 3D sensor ensures flexible detection of different situations. The integration into the controller is quick and intuitive thanks to the unique configuration software, "Vision Assistant": The configuration only requires 7 steps.


Optimise your storage space and transport planning

Constantly increasing freight volumes require efficient solutions for logistics and intralogistics. If each centimetre counts in your storage space and transport planning, the 3D sensor can determine the current volume or the correct position of the freight within milliseconds. This accelerates the warehouse operation and reduces the costs. Autonomous logistics systems are used in transport, handling, packaging and sorting processes and for the shipping of goods. The 3D sensor supports, for example, the precise handling of a forklift truck and thereby reduces possible damages while ensuring a constant material flow.


3D cameras for the next generation of autonomous systems

With their increasing capabilities and user friendliness, robots represent the beginning of a new era of omnipresent helpers. Robotics will be the leading technology of an entirely new generation of autonomous devices and vehicles. State-of-the-art technologies, such as ultrasonic, laser scanners or radar are still being used because they are tried and tested. Camera systems have become indispensable as photoelectric interfaces between the physical and the digital world. The aim of increased robot autonomy will only become possible by creating a digital image of reality that is as detailed as possible. The 3D cameras check the product quality and recognise objects that are searched for or detect obstacles without time-consuming scanning.

O3D Downloads – current bulletins, software and more

"ifm Vision Assistant", firmware and libraries

This section contains supplementary information about the 3D Sensor O3D for download. Here you can download the software 'ifm Vision Assistant' and all O3D-related firmware and libraries for free.

O3D – product selection

O3D sensor for completeness monitoring, volume determination, 3D level measurement and other applications with the Vision Assistant. Innovative vision integrations thanks to the high-resolution 3D camera with software development kit. Aluminium housing for industrial standard applications or stainless steel housing for food industry applications. In the product selection, you will find the products that suit your application.