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Radar level sensor: fast and precise up to 10 m

Trouble-free level monitoring in tanks

The radar level sensor LW2720 sets new benchmarks for speed and accuracy. Starting with installation in record time: a standard M12 cable, fast parameter setting using IO-Link and a large selection of adapters enable a simple and customised out of the box start-up.

For example, when used in tanks that can be as high as 10 metres, the LW2720 sensor provides precise level detection even in the presence of agitators or spray balls. It also remains unaffected by changing media properties. Even the high-speed filling or emptying of tanks are registered by the radar sensor thanks to the 80 GHz technology – fast, with high precision and without blind zones.

The LW27 in detail

Product benefits

Best possible performance
The 80 GHz technology enables focussed and precise level measurement,even in confined spaces.
Simple set-up saves costs and time
The prewired M12 connection technology not only reduces the risk of incorrect wiring. Only one value is required for parameter setting, which also makes set-up quick and easy. Parameters can also be set conveniently via our free moneo|blue app and the EIO330 Bluetooth adapter.
Non-contact measuring principle
The non-contact measuring principle prevents malfunctions caused by the adhesion of media or damage from agitators. Even process conditions such as density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and pH do not impact the measurement.
Interfering structures are suppressed by intelligent algorithm
Interfering structures (piping, agitators, spray balls, etc.) are suppressed automatically by the intelligent algorithm, minimising parameter setting and ensuring reliable and trouble-free level measurement.
One-piece stainless steel housing without any seal and with hygienic design
Optimum and long-term durability to withstand even regular cleaning processes. No wear caused by brittle seals.Certified for use in hygienic environments with protection class IP66/68 and IP69K.


Further Use Cases

Learn more about the LW27 sensor from our customers. Companies in the food and beverage industry talk about the advantages the hygienic radar level sensor offers in various applications.

System connection

Added value thanks to IO-Link

  • Loss-free data transmission
    Digital transmission of the level measurement
  • Plug andWork
    The radar sensor can be configured quickly and easily via IO-Link - only one parameter has to be set. Parameter setting can also be carried out quickly and easily via the smartphone using our free moneo|blue app and the EIO330 Bluetooth adapter.
  • Remote maintenance
    Remote maintenance and parameter setting via established fieldbus systems using IO-Link.
    • No superstructures necessary
    • Cost savings and increased safety

Thanks to IO-Link, control engineers can view the fill level in the controller directly after installation from a distance of several hundred kilometres. Remote maintenance is thus possible. No complex programming required.

ifm staff

Monitoring sensor behaviour and supporting set-up

ifm Vision Assistant

The free Vision Assistant software enables intuitive sensor set-up and clear visualisation of process values. The software is particularly useful in complex applications, as it provides a real-time view of the sensor’s behaviour and ensures reliable measurement.


How does radar level measurement function?


The device works according to the FMCW method (FMCW = Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave). Electromagnetic pulses in the GHz range are sent to the medium at a constantly changing frequency between 77 and 81 GHz. Since the transmitter continuously changes the frequency of the transmitted signal, there is a frequency difference between the transmitted and the reflected signal. The frequency of the reflected signal is subtracted from the frequency of the signal transmitted at that time, resulting in a low frequency signal proportional to the distance to the level. This signal is further processed in order to obtain fast, reliable and highly accurate level measurements.

The starter kit for the radar level sensor

Experience IO-Link now and enjoy the attractive bargain price

With the starter kit for the radar level sensor, you have everything you need to start up the sensor. In this way, commissioning takes place in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort. The kit combines hardware and software and, with the included moneo license, offers you a convenient way to parameterize the radar sensor quickly and easily. In addition, in combination with an IO-Link master, you have the option of displaying the filling level via moneo and viewing it at any time.

Continuous level measurement on tanks of a CIP system with moneo RTM and radar sensors

The non-contact level measurement principle with radar offers many advantages for monitoring a CIP system. Contact with media (acids, alkalis) and heating coils is avoided so that the measurement is independent of the temperature and density of the media. These advantages complete the quality assurance of the CIP cleaning process.