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RFID for Industry 4.0: IoT solutions with direct connection to the IT infrastructure

  • Lean infrastructure: direct data exchange between RFID system and IT level
  • Standard Ethernet protocols simplify integration and interoperability
  • Product diversity covers any requirement at any location
  • IoT Core Visualizer simplifies the selection and transmission of data point URLs

Track-and-trace IT solution without detours

RFID systems are an excellent solution when it comes to product tracking in intralogistics. The new IoT-enabled RFID solutions of the DTExx5 series now make the implementation of track-and-trace systems even simpler and leaner thanks to establishing a direct connection to the IT system.

IoT Core Visualizer: easy access to data point URLs

The portfolio comprises compact UHF and HF solutions as well as an HF evaluation unit for up to 4 antennas. All units come with an Ethernet interface for bidirectional transfer of information via HTTP, JSON, or MQTT. Thanks to the concise IoT Core Visualizer, users can easily access the URL of each data point. This makes integration into their own software application very easy to achieve.

ifm IoT Core: easy IT integration

With ifm’s IoT Core, devices can make data, events and services available to interested parties. The ifm IoT Core supports various protocols in the Internet ecosystem such as HTTP, MQTT and JSON.

The right solution for every application:

DTE105 HF and antennas

Applications are found in production lines where the evaluation unit is used for material flow control, or in guided material handling systems for coding of workpiece carriers.

DTE605 HF compact unit

The compact unit is ideal for long writing/reading distances.

DTE805/905 UHF compact unit

The compact UHF RFID system is suited for long ranges. In material logistics, for example, the device can determine whether the right material is available in the required quantity for the production order.