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IO-Link master for the AS-i wiring system

Special housing materials allow the use in coolant / food areas; all four IO-Link ports have full V1.1 functionality

  • Perfect completion of the AS-i wiring system
  • 4 IO-Link ports with full V1.1 functionality
  • An integrated parameter memory facilitates sensor replacement
  • Extended diagnostics for IO-Link devices
  • Field module with IP 69K for the food industry

IO-Link master for the AS-i wiring system
The decentralised IO-Link master modules serve as a gateway between intelligent IO-Link sensors and the AS-Interface field bus. With the 4-port IO-Link master you combine the advantages of the AS-i wiring system with the standardised IO-Link communication. IO-Link provides detailed sensor or actuator diagnostics and allows you to increase machine uptime. The integrated parameter memory of the IO-Link master also allows easy sensor replacement during night shifts.

Robust field bus modules for demanding applications
Thanks to their special housing materials and high ingress resistance (IP 67 or IP 69K), they can be used in coolant applications or directly in wet areas in the food industry. The ecolink technology guarantees reliable, permanently ingress-resistant M12 connections of the connection cables.

Advantages and customer benefits

  • Use as masters for the food industry
    These masters can now also be used in hygienic applications due to the materials used and their innovative housing design.
  • Easy sensor connection
    The sensors and actuators are connected via standard M12 connection cables without screening. Up to four IO-Link sensors can be connected and supplied with up to 2 x 550 mA in total. With the EVC693 or EVF693 accessories, additional auxiliary power for the connection of IO-Link actuators can be supplied. The cable can be up to 20 m long.
  • Reliable digital data
    The sensor data is transferred digitally. Unlike analogue signals, contact resistance and EMC interference cannot corrupt the signals.
  • Easy set-up
    Depending on the process data length of the connected IO-Link sensors, additional virtual AS-i slaves can be activated via ID1. This allows easy transmission of all data of the IO-Link sensors via AS-i.