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AS-i illuminated pushbutton modules with flexible M12 connection

Two pushbuttons and 2 types of LED output in innovative housing can even be used close to the process

  • 2 pushbuttons and 2 LED outputs
  • Pushbuttons with tactile pressure point as protection against accidental contact
  • Colour inserts changeable
  • Quick and easy to mount
  • The module is directly supplied from AS-Interface

Illuminated pushbutton module
On the basis of a new innovative housing, ifm provides two new illuminated pushbutton modules. They feature two pushbuttons and 2 types of LED output. The high protection rating means the modules can be used in the field, i.e. close to the process. There are no long distances between sensors/actuators and the control cabinet.

Performance in the field
The M12 connection technology provides a high degree of installation reliability and flexibility. Both modules are exclusively supplied via AS-i; an additional 24 V voltage source is not required. The modules are simply mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail or using the supplied mounting adapter.

The AS-i modules are addressed via the front M12 plug. The modules can be connected to the addressing unit using the standard connection cable.

Diagnostic LED
The FAULT LED on the module ensures easy localisation of a fault, such as a communication error.