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IO-Link Case Studies

further application examples of our customers

In our case studies, you can find more examples of how IO-Link can help you save costs, while increasing efficiency and functionality. The case studies show in application examples how real customers have successfully implemented IO-Link.

Find out the advantages that IO-Link can offer you and discover our case studies

IO-Link advantages project description results Download
cost savings With IO-Link, the customer is optimally prepared for Industry 4.0 and was able to realize significant improvements and savings compared to the old system with parallel wiring.
  • 30 % cost savings
  • 60 % Reduction of installation and commissioning time
  • 100.000 € savings / year
easy commissioning Thanks to sensors and IO-Link-Ethernet-modules from ifm the customer was able to simplify his control systems and plants. The reduced need for expert knowledge for device programming relieved the technical staff and enabled capacities for other projects.
  • 50 % Reduction of installation and commissioning time
  • Plug & Play-connectivity
optimized wiring technology By using IO-Link directly in the field, the customer can make the system structure much more efficient and significantly reduce the amount of junction boxes, connection technology and pneumatic tubing required for valve terminals.
  • 30 % Reduction of installation and commissioning time
  • Significant savings on required components
Increase of product quality The use of ifm process sensors (pressure, temperature and conductivity sensors) in a dairy could shorten the CIP cleaning cycles and improve the product quality.
  • 20 min. / day time savings
  • 60 % cost savings
  • Increased efficiency and improved product quality
Plant availability ifm's intelligent sensor technology increases the visibility of process values, thus avoiding unplanned downtimes and failures in a steelworks.
  • 280 labor hours / 5 years avoided for repair
  • 2.500.000 $ cost savings / 5 years
Condition Monitoring When operating water treatment plants, expensive motors and pumps can be protected and savings achieved with IO-Link.
  • Condition Monitoring
  • 80 % Reduction of installation and commissioning time
  • easier fault finding