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Multicode reader O2I

As simple as a sensor

All in one system

The multicode reader O2I now also detects fonts and characters in addition to the familiar 1D and 2D codes (OCR). It ensures reliable identification even under difficult conditions, e.g. in case of changing extraneous light or shiny surfaces.
The manufacturing date, the batch number and the serialisation of the products are now important points in the environment of track & trace - tasks in the environment of Industry 4.0. With the further developed O2I, these tasks can now be mastered brilliantly. Reading or comparing texts alone, or in combination with 1D and 2D codes.

  • Do you want to read the expiry date or just check the quality of the print?
  • Do you want to compare code content with an adjacent text?
  • Do you only need digital information when the right text is available?

Product advantages

What are the advantages of the new multicode reader?

All in one system
1D and 2D codes, fonts and characters
Variable working areas
Position tracking by code, contours or objects allows a text previously defined in relation to its position on the product always to be read.
Independent of colour, properties, shine
Easily recognises codes and texts on a wide variety of backgrounds; by using different images, even contours with weak contrasts can be used for the anchor function.
Variable settings even with different fonts and font size
Several lines per ROI, or even multiple ROIs possible. Further flexible settings if different fonts or font sizes are available.


Identification and verification of text (OCR)

(With new firmware version - from 05/30/2022)

Target / example applications

  • Detection and type designation
  • Serial numbers of components
  • Expiry date and/or production date
  • Product identification

The logic integrated in the ifm VisionAssistant compares the information received from a control system with the code contents read and evaluates them as "OK" or "not OK". The production step is checked by comparing the serial number with a specification.

Based on the contour of the company logo and by tracking the position of the corresponding text, the device reads always the correct texte line - irrespective of the orientation of the product.

Use our free firmware update and equip your device with the new functions.

Firmware download

Ready for use within a few seconds

One highlight: at the touch of a button, the sensor automatically does the focussing, exposure setting and code type recognition.
Among others, applications with a bar code or 2D code per image can be set quickly via the teach button. This saves time and costs.
The preset device configuration can be changed by means of a user-friendly smartphone app.

Teaching via one button and configuration via smartphone app

The O2I teach app is used to generate a DataMatrix code on the smartphone display. Just hold it in the field of view of the multicode reader and the configuration is automatically applied.
Available for iOS, Android and Windows.

For set-up and evaluation: the ifm Vision Assistant

For complex identification tasks, the multicode reader can easily be configured using the award-winning Vision Assistant software. The live image and extensive visualisation of all settings provide an optimum overview.

Free download

Several codes, one image

The auto-find code function of the Vision Assistant automatically recognises several different codes in one image. The user can easily assign these codes in the Vision Assistant.

Unique – the sequential control

Visualises all configurations of the image and code settings in the Vision Assistant.
This quickly gives you a comprehensive overview of the whole application. In addition, the logic and interface function allows easy programming of the sensor output.

Optimum contrast by means of a polarisation filter

The integrated optional illumination with polarisation filter ensures sufficient contrasts to reliably read codes even in case of shiny surfaces such as metal.

One code, changing background

Within seconds, several images can be captured with different exposure times to recognise codes with variable surface characteristics or deviating colour or ambient light.


Quality assurance

Filling systems

  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • and more


  • The right product in the right container
  • Having several products on one production line saves retrofitting times
  • Fewer complaints with regard to filling errors

Production control

Production lines

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Material handling
  • and more


  • In-process verification of production part correctness
  • Assignment of the correct production steps,
    e.g. welding, painting, mounting
  • Equipment identification,
    for e.g. tool changes

Sorting tasks


  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation
  • Labelling of workpiece carriers
  • and more


  • Product tracking and package management,
    e.g. for data based scheduling
  • Time saving due to automated sorting
  • Lower error rate as incorrect operation by staff excluded

Increasing product and process quality


Transparent processes
Be informed what is going on, when and where
Optimised material handling
Provide sufficient material in the correct production step
Quality assurance
Correctly assign components to the final product
Precise delivery scheduling
Data-based control of timed processes


The application area of the O2I5 as smart vision sensor ranges from1D/2D code readers to text recognition and verification in product tracking, product identification and product control.

With its 1.2 MP, the sensor detects 1D and 2D codes regardless of the orientation of the code to the sensor, and texts regardless of their position in the image. Various integrated illuminations create a homogeneous light field - optionally by using the integrated polarisation filters to reduce reflections or mirroring. And for special applications, up to 5 images can be created, each with completely different settings. Moreover, the ifm VisionAssistant offers countless possibilities, in addition to a modern, clearly structured process and many innovative and flexible setting options. The integrated diagnostic (real time maintenance) functions with the monitoring of regions of interest ("ROI monitoring"), of maladjustment of the vision sensor and of image parameters ensure a reliable process in the application. And even a device replacement can be done in a few minutes without any software thanks to the ifm memory stick.

Target, distance and product selection