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Effective digital retrofit with the new IO-Link data splitter

  • Plug & play allows subsequent integration without changing the installation
  • Quick provision of sensor data to higher-level IoT/cloud systems
  • Perfect support for service and maintenance personnel

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Easy decoupling of relevant IO-Link data for efficient diagnosis or process monitoring

Current status in the field
In older installations, analogue or digital output signals from sensors are mostly sent directly to standard input cards of controllers and processed further there. Also, today’s sensors are normally equipped with IO-Link. This means they also transmit relevant data that would be lost with conventional use.

Use the advantages of the future today
With the IO-Link data splitter it is now possible to enable plant-independent monitoring in a conventional system previously operated in the SIO mode. The controller-related output signals are still sent in the SIO mode to the inputs of the controller. In addition, the process value and other sensor data are measured and transmitted via IO-Link to higher-level systems (Smart Observer, cloud). Parameter setting of the sensor is possible e.g. with the LR device software and an appropriate IO-Link master.