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Mechatronic flow sensors designed especially for oils

Precise measured values thanks to specific adjustment to oil for volumetric flow quantities up to 200 l/min and integrated temperature measurement and adjustment

  • Specifically adjusted to oil for optimum measurement results
  • Volumetric flow quantities up to 200 l/min
  • Integrated temperature measurement and compensation
  • Pressure resistance up to 100 bar
  • Measured value transfer without conversion losses and easy setting via IO-Link
  • No inlet and outlet pipe lengths required

Multiple applications
Different media require different sensor characteristics. With the new mechatronic flow sensor, designed especially for oils, ifm provides the perfect combination of accuracy, speed and adaptability to the application. This also increases economic efficiency.
High performance
Due to a complex adjustment carried out during production and the use of oil-specific mechanical parts, the new sensor does not only provide precise measured values for the selected oil curve. It is also distinguished by an integrated temperature compensation. ifm also offers individually designed special units for particular oil viscosities, e.g. in the aviation industry.