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Multi-colour touch sensors with IO‑Link

Flexible adaptation to the application by one individually adjustable sensor even in wet environments

  • Ergonomic working by softly touching the sensor
  • Start-up delay prevents unintentional switching
  • Various setting options such as colour, NO/NC or triggering via IO-Link
  • Adjustable brightness and sensitivity in wet environments or when operators wear gloves
  • Plant condition indicated via RGB LEDs

Versatile sensor for all applications
The new multi-colour touch sensors from ifm allow flexible adaptation to your application. Where many different sensors were required before, one individually adjustable sensor is sufficient today. The NO/NC function or the colours for different operating states can be set within seconds. In addition, dynamic, static or bistable switching of the sensor can be selected.

Adaptable to the environment
The adjustable sensitivity allows use in very wet environments or actuation with gloves. The implemented delay time prevents unintentional switching of a sensor. All settings remain stored even if the sensor is used without IO-Link. The sensor also counts the switching cycles for demand-oriented maintenance of the machine.