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Ensure long ranges of up to 100 m with IO-Link repeaters

Series connection of several repeaters is possible and saves costs - ideally suited for use in food applications

  • IO-Link range increased up to 100 m*
  • Series connection of max. 3 repeaters possible
  • Perfectly suited for use in the food industry
  • Easy set-up thanks to plug & play, no configuration necessary
  • Transparent to all certified IO-Link masters

IO-Link sensors in the field
In many installations, sensors have to be installed far away from their connection point. Since IO-Link has only a guaranteed range of 20 m, high additional costs can incur if longer ranges are required. Using the IO-Link repeater E30444, this distance can be increased*, which reduces costs significantly. To do so, the IO-Link repeaters are simply installed in series into the cable, depending on the application and the requested range. The maximum range* depends on the type of transmission, the cable crosssection and the current consumption of the connected device. The IO-Link repeater is transparent to masters and functions manufacturer-independently on all certified IO-Link masters. SIO operation is not possible with the IO-Link repeater. The process data are delayed by up to one cycle, acyclic data are delayed by up to two cycles per repeater.

* Details regarding the maximum range, compatibility and necessary cable cross sections can be found in the operating instructions or the data sheet of the repeater.