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Complete HF RFID system in a compact housing

Powerful RFID for long distances with integrated web server for configuration, diagnostics and monitoring

  • Integrated web server for configuration, diagnostics and monitoring
  • Fieldbus interface for PROFINET, Ethernet/IP or TCP/IP
  • Diagnostic and status LEDs
  • Adjustable range/transmitting power
  • RFID HF 13. 56 MHz system to ISO 15693

Powerful RFID for the production process
The compact units of the DTE60x series are ideal for long writing / reading distances. Thanks to the new optimised set-ups, large data volumes can be read and written in no time. This saves valuable time in typical applications such as product tracking in the production process or storage of production data or quality parameters. The new DTE60x compact units simplify installation, as the antenna, evaluation unit and fieldbus interface are integrated in one compact, industrially compatible housing.

Advantages of ifm’s HF RFID solution:

Easy integration
Data access to the RFID device is fast and simple, via function blocks as well as directly via the process image of the controller. Function blocks for standard controllers, e.g. from Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley or Omron, are supplied.

Integrated web server
The read/write units feature an integrated web server. Users can log in via an HTTP address to fully access the device.

Industrially compatible
The robust design with protection rating IP 67 permits use in harsh industrial environments.

Additional digital inputs
The unit has two additional digital inputs and outputs, e.g. for controlling a light tower.

Status LEDs
A 5-digit LED bar graph display indicates the RSSI value (signal strength) to visualise the distance of the tag.

Versions with various interfaces

DTE604 with TCP/IP
The RFID compact unit is ideal for direct connection to PCs, industrial PCs or PLCs that have no standardised fieldbus interface.

This unit is, in particular, intended for customers with a Siemens controller.

DTE602 with EtherNet/IP
This version is optimised for controllers from Schneider Electric or Rockwell Automation.

All units have an integrated switch for direct connection of further devices.