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Agricultural and forestry machines

The powerful controller for complex machine functions in self-propelled agricultural machines

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ioControl - the robust module for attachable units
The freely programmable field module with CAN interfaces enables reliable communication with the tractor

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ISOBUS Gateway
The easiest way to use the ISOBUS. There are libraries for ifm’s mobile controllers that enable quick and reliable integration of the ISOBUS into (already existing) applications.

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Display of vehicle information in the HMI
Display of operating conditions, diagnostic information, input and output states, fault monitoring and system messages

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Cameras to assist the operator
Smart detection of shapes and contours for automatic control of machine and operating functions

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Machine fleet monitoring
Keep an eye on your machine fleet and its operating status

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Temperature monitoring
Monitor the oil temperature of your machine with a temperature sensor specially designed for mobile use

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On the field or in the forest, mobile machines are exposed to extreme operating conditions and external influences. With its ecomatmobile portfolio, ifm offers robust controllers, HMIs, I/O modules and sensors designed specifically for these applications.

The mechanical design of controllers and modules is especially rated for permanent shock and vibration. Whether on the field or in the forest: no challenge is too hard for ifm’s ecomatmobile systems.

The automatically guided harvester is a complete factory on wheels. Equipped with ifm’s ecomatmobile components and sensors for mobile applications, it guarantees reliable, economic and ecological operation. Depending on the operating situation, the communication between ecomatController and engine controller via SAE J 1939 helps to save fuel and protect the environment.

mobile IoT ensures operational machine data transmission and remote maintenance. It allows direct access to the machine without time-consuming service interruptions.

I/O modules with CAN interface connect binary and analogue sensors and actuators to the mobile controller. The decentralised installation of the units considerably reduces wiring complexity. This results in greater operational reliability and easier operability of the agricultural or forestry machine.


Customer story: slurry spreader

Slurry spreaders are used to fertilise large areas of farmland quickly and cost-effectively. They are either built as trailers or as independent vehicles that can cover a field with slurry. The slurry is spread close to the soil via slurry hoses attached to lateral booms. To ensure correct boom positioning and precise opening and closing of the valves, our customer Agrometer relies on powerful automation using decentralised IO modules and a central mobile controller.

Read the application report to find out how our customer achieves greater operational reliability and easier operability of the agricultural machine.

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Compost turner

Compost turners are used to optimise aeration and to accelerate the composting process. They ensure thorough mixing of the different compost materials as well as ideal heap formation with a triangular cross section.

For this purpose, the ecomatmobile product family offers best possible control functions. The sophisticated and predefined software libraries make it possible to quickly develop application-specific programs to control the hydraulic traction drive or to assure proper operation of the turning screw. From controller programming and sensor signal evaluation to powerful J1939 communication with the engine controller or ideal graphic design of the display surface, all software components interact efficiently.

Agrometer: robust PLC for field applications

3D sensor on a tractor - on the way to agriculture 4.0

GREGOIRE: ifm steers harvester automatically