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IO-Link master for control cabinet with IoT connection

Secure exchange between OT and IT level

Even in the modern world of Industry 4.0, securing your system infrastructure against external influences is a top priority. The IoT-enabled IO-Link master modules act as decentralised gateways in the automation network and forward the data from the connected sensors to the fieldbus. The connection to the IT level is made via a separate IoT Ethernet socket. The data is transmitted via the established TCP/IP JSON interface. This allows you to process relevant process data in the IT level and in ERP systems while maintaining the safety of your installation.

Convenient parameter setting using moneo configure free

The intuitive moneo|configure free software automatically detects your entire IO-Link infrastructure and arranges it in the defined tree structure in a clear manner. Masters and sensors are displayed with their respective parameters and can be managed centrally in the software.

Easy sensor connection

The sensors and actuators are connected via standard M12 connection cables without screening. The connection cables are fixed via removable cage clamps on the IO-Link master. Up to 8 IO-Link sensors can be connected and supplied with a total of up to 3.6 A. The cable can be up to 20 m long.