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  • Visualising or analysing production processes and monitoring deviations in real time
  • Predicting failures, preventing standstills and thus increasing machine availability
  • Reducing operating cost by monitoring the energy consumption at machine level
  • Free on-premises testing for 30 days without any obligation with the moneo IIoT Core OnPrem trial version

Discover the moneo IIoT platform for collaborative processes and optimised value creation

No-code IIoT platform

Our no-code IIoT platform seamlessly connects to a wide range of industrial sensors, machines and controllers, providing a unified view of your production environment.

By collecting and analysing this data, we help you gain visibility into the health of your machines, process parameters and environmental conditions.

Cloud or on-premises

We create a simple and fast connection to your OT and IT systems. We operate our IIoT platform in either a cloud or on-premises environment, which can be combined with

scalable data requirements and prioritises the highest security measures to protect sensitive information.

edgeGateway or Appliance

ifm offers you a wide range of options for using moneo in your production. Depending on your requirements, you can use the system either on-premises via our physical Appliance, the virtual vAppliance or in the cloud using our edgeGateway.

See for yourself and test moneo On-Premises free of charge for 30 days with the moneo trial version.