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Full protection for your motor.

Peace of mind: Monitoring and condition-based maintenance of electric motors.

Continuous diagnostics:
Full coverage of the real operating hours.

Early detection:
Basic monitoring; Unbalance vibration, shaft misalignment, damage to rolling element bearings, unbalance and wear are detected in time.

Maximum efficiency:
Permanent diagnostics of winding problems or dirt accumulation in the electric motor by temperature measurement.

Easy integration:
Preconfigured, intelligent package solutions for different motor types.

Applications for electric motors

Monitoring of three-phase current or AC motors:

  • Wherever process capability/operability of machines and installations must be ensured
  • Power class from 15 kW to 50 MW
  • Monitoring all the drives at process-critical machines and stations in the production process, e.g. in conveying systems or storage and retrieval machines.

ifm system solution motor

  1. Vibration sensor for screw or adhesive mounting
  2. Inductive sensor for rotational speed detection
  3. Temperature sensor with measured signal converter
  4. 24 V switched-mode power supply
  5. Diagnostic electronics
  6. Connection cable with socket

Optional system solution with analysis software
LR SMARTOBSERVER visualisation and alarm preinstalled

Cost reduction
Condition-based maintenance as required instead of fixed service intervals.
Replacement of parts can be planned.

Prevent unplanned downtime
Detect unbalance vibration, shaft misalignment, damage to rolling element bearings, unbalance and wear in time.

Process optimisation
Data acquisition and analysis. Cleaning by permanent diagnostics, as required

Implementation independent of your IT department
Application package from the sensor to evaluation and network-based analysis. Scalable: Can be extended to other applications and/or ERP systems.