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Transport and logistics

Standard and safety controller in one unit
Thanks to two independent internal controllers with scalable I/O assignment, the unit can be used in standard and safety applications

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ioControl - easy service and maintenance
The integrated display and operating keys enable quick setting of the unit and the parameters in production or in the field

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The powerful machine interface for data visualisation, data acquisition and communication via a connected modem

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Camera systems for obstacle detection
An automatic 3D detection system recognises potential obstacles in good time and prevents collisions

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Remote machine updates
Over-the-air (OTA) updates or online diagnostics of the machine software in close coordination between the machine operator and the manufacturer

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Exact positioning of booms
Encoders for mobile use ensure precise positioning of the boom and transmit its position to the PLC

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Even if high voltage is in the air: our sensors and control systems are not impressed. The complex electronics is protected against electromagnetic interference as detailed EMC tests have shown. Conducted interference is reliably filtered out and cannot affect the controllers. This ensures that the data exchange via the CAN interfaces functions reliably even under most adverse conditions such as in outdoor applications of transport and logistics.

For your transport and logistics vehicles and machines you can count on ifm’s many years of application know-how!


Customer story: reach stacker / collision avoidance

Gigantic, weighing dozens of tons and confusing: In all container ports worldwide reach stackers are used to stack and handle containers. To avoid collision during narrow and rapid manoeuvring, ifm offers automatic collision avoidance: A 3D camera at the rear monitors the rear area, detects objects in the travel path and warns the driver of possible collision. Read our application report to find out how our 3D collision warning system effectively helps to avoid risk situations.

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Rescue staircase

Airport rescue staircases are only rarely used. But when they are needed, the airport company must be sure their function is reliable and their handling intuitive.

ecomatmobile system components are conceived for extreme applications in mobile machines. They easily resist mechanical, climatic and electric interference. Additionally, standardised designs make it very easy to respond to different customer demands. This is ensured by a coherent operating concept and programming with the CODESYS software. Another benefit for customers: Standardised components reduce storage costs.


Aircraft tractor

Designed specifically for use in mobile machines, the components from ifm ensure that the nose wheel finds its way precisely and reliably into the aircraft tractor. The proximity sensors exactly detect the positions within the locator. The signals are evaluated by a decentralised ecomatController. At the same time it controls and monitors the proportional valves for the hydraulic functions. This guarantees that the force of the hydraulic system is applied with greatest precision and adapted to the aircraft type preselected via the ecomatDisplay. Damage to the nose wheels is avoided.


Road-rail vehicle

Reliability and safety are no coincidence. They are the result of proven technology. This is ensured by corresponding approvals, such as the e1 type approval of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) or the certification for use in rail vehicles. The menu-guided operation enables quick and safe shunting. The control components permit the driver to easily change from rail to road.


AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle

An AGV - an automated guided vehicle - moves on invisible paths in the terminal area and takes the containers exactly to the positions where they are to be stored or loaded. The high loading and unloading speed requires reliable technology. Depending on a customer’s request, the vehicles will be equipped with different engines, chassis, hydraulics and electronics.

The system components of the ecomatmobile product range are used to control the traction drive and to evaluate the numerous sensors for mobile applications. A robust ecomatDisplay type HMI displays service information and - if necessary - fault and error messages.

ASTI: powerful 32-bit controllers from ifm reliably control AGVs