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Motor monitoring

Electric motors drive nearly all industrial machines and processes.  We depend on motors to run without interruption.  Like any machine, motors are subjecteed to damaging forces such as misalignment, shaft overload, and lack of lubrication to name a few.

How could you improve your overall operational effectiveness? 

Motors are often overlooked or are located in inaccessible locations.  Implementing RtM strategy can safeguard your motors and prevent common failures.  This reduces unplanned downtime and secondary damage which, in turn, reduces your maintenance cost and loss of production.

Motor monitoring

  • Accelerometer monitors motor bearings for proper lubrication and operation
  • Accelerometer monitors mechanical system for loose foot or other structural issues

Edge computing

  • Vibration Edge controller processes sensor signals and evaluates operational status for real-time condition monitoring
  • Automates complex algorithms (e.g., Fast Fourier Transforms) at the edge, minimizing network bandwidth and server resources
  • Tracks and locally stores measurement trend history to simplify data management and transfer
  • Converts measured data values into actionable information at the point of use
  • Connects to industrial and business Ethernet system for simplified asset maintenance and operational management