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World Food Day 2023: using water in a more targeted way


World Food Day 2023 on 16 October

Neither we nor the Earth can afford inefficiency

Without water there is no food, without water there is no life: While our planets most precious resource is the irreplaceable key to our food security, this source is threatening to run dry with increasing frequency and severity. Growing populations and ever-changing climatic conditions present us all with the challenge of developing and implementing solutions to use water more efficiently. The potential for savings in agriculture, the largest consumer of water, is enormous, but everyone else along the food chain has a responsibility to use our planets most precious resource efficiently.

Less water wasting, more precision

When it comes to dealing with water, the following applies more than ever today and in the future: less is more. The less water we need in one place to grow crops, feed animals and process raw materials, the more we can use elsewhere to grow food and sustain life. In other words: ultimately, as a global society, we benefit from more efficient local use of water.

Thinking about tomorrow now

For more than 50 years, ifm has been offering reliable and precise products to make processes along the food chain, i.e. from farm to table, and along the entire water cycle efficient and safe. Many companies already rely on our expertise and comprehensive solutions to operate more responsibly, save water and still produce the best quality food. Will you join them? We look forward to working with you to meet your challenges. To ensure that future generations have enough resources to live on.

Automation solutions for tomorrows food supply

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