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Conplant and ifm’s O3M

​Conplant uses ifm’s O3M for its Intelligent Integrated Collision Avoidance System (IICAS).

The company Conplant entertained the idea of O3M originally in November 2016. Then in March 2017 Conplant purchased the first O3M kit and now the solution has been integrated onto a 7 tone Roller and is presented on their website and YouTube .

Conplant calls this system IICAS (Intelligent Integrated Collision Avoidance System):

Conplant is the largest compaction specialist in Australia and offers the most diverse and comprehensive range of compaction solutions including hire, sales, parts and service.


The ifm Solution
The biggest challenge was on the front drum of the roller and the front mounted O3M. As the front drum was articulated, the front O3M had to "follow the road".

Solution: Conplant’s solution was very ingenious, something similar to our modern cars "adaptive lighting" as the front lights turn as we turn the steering. Conplant created a clever mechanism which allows the 3D sensor to “follow the road” as the steering turns. The 3D sensor now only surveys the area in front of the roller hence, there are no false positive alarms.