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UGT505 used for better air


The company Green City Solutions has the goal to improve air quality in cities. Consequently, they have developed the first biotech air filter: the CityTree. Integrated within: the UGT505.

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The CityTree uses the ability of special moss plants to filter harmful substances like fine dusts and nitrogen oxides from the air, and thus constitutes a natural and sustainable air purifier.

Did you know?

In cities where the air purification is a huge challenge, mosses barely survive due to their need of water and shade. Green City Solutions, however, has found a solution: The combination of specific mosses with a fully automated supply of water and nutrients based on a unique IoT technology. The quantitative performance of the air filter is documented and the supply needs of the plants are measured in real time. 

What is such a CityTree capable of? And how does it work?

The different types of moss which grow in the walls of the rectangular CityTree bind environmental toxins like fine dusts and nitrogen oxides and transform them into natural biomass. A controllable ventilation technology allows to boost the air flow and thus increases the filter performance as needed.

The integrated IoT technology supplies comprehensive information on performance and status as well as environmental data of the direct surroundings of the CityTree in real time.
The water necessary for the survival of the moss plants is either supplied autonomously or by means of a fully automated irrigation system.
The power supply is ensured by a direct network connection.

An interesting and positive side effect: Mosses store vast quantities of moisture, and due to a significantly increased evaporation space an enormous cooling effect is created.

ifm and the CityTree

There is also an ifm product integrated in the CityTree: The ultrasonic diffuse-reflection sensor UGT505. It measures the level of the water tank the customer can order optionally in case there is no fixed water connection to supply the CityTree with water.
The water tank - with the UGT505 - is located in the hexagonal seating platform under the CityTree. This means that ifm is also part of this innovative solution for better air in cities.

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