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Project IRIS: Unlock your robot’s skills with ifm’s 3D camera O3X

The IRIS project is addressed to universities, institutes and young minds with great ideas. The project focuses on the new O3X 3D camera that provides a 3D image with depth information based on the PMD time-of-flight technology.

The challenge:
Use the O3X to develop new solutions in the VR and AR for the working and business world, entertainment or whatever you can think of...

The support:
We provide you with software development kits and libraries for Matlab, PCL and ROS Industrial as well as Open CV.

The community:
Interact with other participants to learn from other projects.
Share your ideas, methods and solutions on Reddit and Facebook.
Let a small idea grow to become a great solution.

Check out the Datasheet for the O3X.

Intelligent detection and evaluation in 3D

ifm´s 3D camera with integrated apps


Industrial imaging new high-resolution 3D camera captures scenes and objects in real time. Based on the PMD technology the new 3D camera sees various scenes and objects in their spatial dimensions at a glance.
The heart of this device from ifm is a new image chip with 23,000 receiving elements. Output is via a grey-scale value and distance image, evaluation is easily possible using common libraries.

Advantages and functions are in contrast to laser scanners that only have one receiving element; the image chip of the new O3D type device features 23,000 pixels!
The 3D camera has no moving parts, making it wear-free and robust.
The intuitive parameter setting software allows easy and quick setting of the camera-specific parameters.
Connection to MATLAB, HALCON, PCL and ROS is possible. As each individual pixel measures the distance, it is possible for example to precisely dimension and position suitcases, parcels and pallets.
Additionally the device facilitates automatic loading and unloading of containers, storage room optimisation, collision avoidance, navigation of driverless transport systems as well as counting of people and room monitoring, even trunk measurement in a saw mill poses no problem.

For more information on the O3D camera and sensor check out our dedicated O3D microsite.


Put your hands on VR! Obama and Merkel already tried our 3D camera.