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Vibration sensor



Vibration sensor



  • Two switching outputs for pre-alarm and main alarm
  • Monitoring, display and recording of values directly on the unit
  • Scalable analogue current output for vibration velocity
  • Analogue input can be used for monitoring another measurand
  • Integrated history memory with real-time clock, data logger and trending

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Technical details
Product characteristics
Measuring range of vibration [mm/s] 0...500; (depending on the vibration frequency)
Frequency range [Hz] 2...1000
Measuring principle capacitive
Application vibration sensor to ISO 10816
Self-test function yes
Heartbeat function yes
Electrical data
Operating voltage [V] 9.6...30 DC; (or via USB (switching outputs not active))
Current consumption [mA] < 70
Protection class III
Reverse polarity protection yes
Sensor type micromechanical accelerometer
Inputs / outputs
Total number of inputs and outputs 3; (configurable)
Number of inputs and outputs Number of analogue inputs: 1; Number of digital outputs: 2; Number of analogue outputs: 1
Number of analogue inputs 1
Analogue input (current) [mA] 4...20
Output signal switching signal; analogue signal
Number of digital outputs 2
Max. voltage drop switching output DC [V] 2
Minimum load current [mA] 100
Number of analogue outputs 1
Analogue current output [mA] 4...22
Max. load [Ω] 9,6...17 V: 150; 17...30 V: 500
Factory setting
switching output: normally closed
switch point pre-alarm: 2,8 mm/s
switch point main alarm: 4,5 mm/s
Frequency range: 10...1000 Hz
measuring method: RMS
unit: mm/s
Short-circuit protection yes
Overload protection yes
Measuring/setting range
Measuring range of vibration [mm/s] 0...500; (depending on the vibration frequency)
Frequency range [Hz] 2...1000
Measuring principle capacitive
Number of measurement axes 1
Accuracy / deviations
Measuring error [% of the final value] ± 3%
Communication interface USB
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C] -30...60
Storage temperature [°C] -30...85
Protection IP 67
Tests / approvals
EN 61000-4-2 ESD 4 kV contact discharge / 15 kV air discharge
EN 61000-4-3 10 V/m 80...2000 MHz
EN 61000-4-4 Burst 4 kV capacitive coupling probe, earthed
EN 61000-4-6 10 V 0,15...80 MHz
EN 61000-6-4 industrial environments
Shock resistance
DIN EN 60068-2-27 50 g 11 ms / n=1000
MTTF [years] 148
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 273.5
Type of mounting mounting set M5/M8
Dimensions [mm] 36 x 37.6 x 62.4
Materials housing: diecast zinc nickel-plated
Tightening torque [Nm] 7
Displays / operating elements
function 6 x LED, green
pre-alarm 1 x LED, yellow
main alarm 1 x LED, red
measured values 7-segment LED display, red / yellow / green 4-digit
Operating elements
2 pushbuttons
Data memories
History memory yes
Data memory type ring memory; FIFO
Real-time clock yes; UTC, battery buffered
Memory location internal
Memory interval 5 min
Memory size 686774 data records
Items supplied
Spring washer
adapters: 1 x M8 x M5
Pack quantity 1 pcs.
Electrical connection - Process connection
Connector: 1 x M12
Electrical connection - USB
Connector: 1 x M8
ifm electronic gmbh • Friedrichstraße 1 • 45128 Essen — We reserve the right to make technical alterations without prior notice. — EN-GB — VNB001-02 — 23.10.2017 —

VNB devices software

Firmware and drivers for VNB devices

VNB firmware as from AD

  • Name
  • Size
  • SHA-256
  • Type
  • Description
  • Name V1.03.02 firmware
  • Size 51.3 kB
  • SHA-256
    Datei-Hash SHA-256


  • Type .zip
  • Description as from AD device status


USB driver for VNB devices

VNB USB driver

  • Name
  • Size
  • SHA-256
  • Type
  • Description
  • Name VNB driver
  • Size 9.8 MB
  • SHA-256
    Datei-Hash SHA-256


  • Type .zip
  • Description System requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8