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GIB goes ifm


Now it will also be visible on the outside what is already being lived on the inside - from 31 May 2022 GIB will become ifm.

Since 2016, the ifm group and GIB already belong together and pursue new paths side by side. In future, this will already be visible by the name. Therefore, you will find the GIB Suite and GIB SCX on SAP S/4HANA under the brand name ifm in the future.

"For six years now, GIB and ifm have been creating end-to-end solutions for their customers' supply chain processes. Together we are working on solutions to map both the horizontal process level (sales planning, inventory management, procurement and production) and the vertical process level, i.e. to network the digital supply chain with the production level," says Nadine Rahman, Head of Department Digital Sales Software ifm and Managing Director GIB S & D GmbH.

The rebranding will officially take place on 31 May, just in time for the traditional GIB Success Days. "On the one hand, almost everything changes at this point in time, on the other hand, proven things will remain unaffected. Business stationery, business cards and the website change, but our value proposition, the contact persons, all contracts and licences and our tireless drive to make the supply chain processes for our customers even more convenient, even more effective and even more successful, will remain," says Sonja Telscher.

You can find more information on the new GIB landing page.